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Do you need a Business Professional?

  • Someone who understands the dynamics of a business every day, but also sees the big picture – why companies succeed and why they fail.
  • Someone who has thought about business techniques for both large and small business, and knows which ones work where; someone who has used them and can explain and demonstrate them.
  • Someone who listens well and communicates well.

Tom Gray helps owners save and grow their companies. He is a successful Business Professional in several roles.

Tom has thought about what works and why. He has developed and collected a portfolio of effective managerial techniques called the Manager’s Toolbox (pdf), and created ways to explain them to clients, students, and professional audiences. For examples, click on the Blog tab above. For workshops on these techniques, see Business Techniques Institute – Chicagoland.

Watch as Tom explains his practical method for “competitive analysis.”

Tom Gray is a turnaround consultant, MBA Professor, and author. His positions include President of Telecom Expert Group, former interim CEO, former member of Boards of Directors, former Vice President and General Manager at Ameritech, and Co-Chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Turnaround Management Association. He is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), a Certified Business Development Advisor, and a Certified SCORE Mentor. His degrees include an MBA as well as an MA in History. He and his wife live near Chicago in Lisle, Illinois.

“Tom Gray offers a rare combination: incisive analysis, operational drive, comfort at both the strategic and the tactical levels, and communication skills. I want him on my team every time.” -WaltCatlow, former Dean of the College of Business, Concordia University Chicago, and former President of Ameritech International

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