Spot Ways to Grow Profits

Considering Sale

shaking hands with wrists and business team“The value of your business is what the buyer can get out of it, not what you put into it.”

Want to know how to “monetize” your life’s work? Learn how to sell your company from an advisor who puts your interests first. Get an overview of the process, and understand how buyers value your business.

Tom helps you understand what to change to get your business ready to sell at the best price, and helps you make it happen. He’ll help you define your exit goals, match them to the right deal terms, and manage the process while you manage your business.

Profit Spotter Techniques to help sell your business:

  • Overview of Sales Process
  • Explain Valuation: What your business is worth
  • Get-Ready Activities to increase the value of your business
  • Explain deal types and deal terms
  • Mapping deal type to owner goals
  • Explain how to find and qualify buyers
  • Explain due diligence
  • Writing Offering Memorandum and Teaser
  • Finding buyers
  • Advice on deal process and terms


Tom’s Considering Sale Special Offers:

  • Seller Needs Analysis – half-hour free
  • Introductory Package: $100 discount
  • Deal Process and Terms Package: $200 discount
  • Business Broker Package: $300 discount
“We were getting calls from potential buyers, but had no idea what was involved in selling our business. Tom explained the process, and used the Offering Memorandum effort to show us how to make the business worth more.”
Dick May, President, HuTech
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