Spot Ways to Grow Profits

Seeking Growth

ClimbingMan“If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying”

When “the way we’ve always done it” isn’t getting it done, get a fresh look at your business. Use an experienced outsider’s knowledge and perspective to balance your own intimate knowledge of the details. The right advisor will listen and respect your success to date, and work with you to adapt and apply proven solutions to grow your unique business.

Profit Spotter Techniques to Grow Your Business:

  • Calculating Target Profit and its implications
  • Vision Development and Gap Analysis
  • Gross Margin analysis: variable costs and pricing
  • Overhead analysis
  • Revenue growth techniques: quick wins, minor risks, major moves
  • Investment analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Managing People
  • Operations improvement: waste, process, bottlenecks, forecast and scheduling
  • Sales management
  • Supplier management
  • Decision-making and negotiating techniques

Tom’s Seeking Growth Special Offers:

  • Growth Needs Analysis – half-hour free
  • Growth Priorities Package: $100 discount
  • Growth Plan Package: $200 discount
  • Growth Plan and Implementation Package: $300 discount

Other Resources from Tom:


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  • Sales, Negotiating, and Decision-Making
  • Managing People
  • Improving Operations
  • Growing Revenue
  • Turnarounds

  • Growing Profits
  • Pricing Right
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
“Tom Gray is my sounding board, my man for all seasons. He guides me as we spot the most important questions, and together we figure out solutions I can actually use.”
Ed Otrusina, President, AW Enterprises
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